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Canning 101: Preserving the Fruits of Your Labor!

Canning 101: Preserving the Fruits of Your Labor!

We are quickly approaching the end of summer.  I hope all the rain we experienced this summer helped in producing an abundance in your gardens.  So what do you do with all the fruits of your labor?  Why not try canning them?  Now, I know what some of you may be thinking.  It's too time consuming.  It's too hard.  I don't know where to begin?!  Canning is a super easy task that with some planning doesn't take much effort or time on your part. 

I am fortunate to have a long line of great cooks in my family and a mom who taught me a lot about cooking and canning.  I canned my first batch of tomatoes shortly after getting married and what a difference it was from the store bought.  Nothing against store bought canned goods.  I find myself using them quite often.  However, nothing is more satisfying than opening a jar of something you created!

So, I am sharing the "recipe" my mom taught me for canning tomatoes. 

Supplies Needed:

At least 12 quart size jars, washed thoroughly and equipped with seals and bands. 

Canner (most can be purchased at a discount or hardware store)

Step 1:

Begin by peeling and coring your tomatoes.  Next, cut them into fourths and place them in a large pot on the stove.  Slightly cover the tomatoes with water.  Bring the tomatoes to a boil over medium heat.  This step requires your atttention!  It is important to continue to stir the tomatoes as they come to a boil so they do not stick to the bottom of the pot. 

Before beginning Step 2 place your seals in a pot with boiling water.  This will assist in the sealing process.  Allow seals to boil approximately 1-2 minutes.  This should be completed just before jarring the tomatoes so that your seals are still hot when you place them on top of the jar. 

Step 2:

Once the tomatoes have come to a boil and boiled for 3-5 minutes, remove from the heat and skim the "foam" off the top of the tomatoes.  Your tomatoes should be soft and broken down in pieces.  Working quickly, use a measuring cup to pour the cooked tomatoes into your prepared jars.  After you have filled your jars add 1 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of salt to each jar and stir. 

After the tomatoes are in jars and sealed with a lid and band turn them upside down on a dish cloth.  This will aid in the sealing process.  Allow them to sit upside down for 30 minutes-1 hour.  Upon sitting them right side up you will hear a gentle "pop."  This indicates the jar has sealed.  Label, store and enjoy! 

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